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American Made Candles Since 1869

La Fleur Collection

Three romantic floral fragrances as sensual and elegant as their floral inspiration. Presented in soft pastel colors, each fragrance is reminiscent of tender, delicate petal blooms. .

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Elements Collection

A collection of four harmonious fragrances inspired by the four balancing elements of nature. Presented in three sizes, our new distinctively modern square glass and new scented tealights will envelop your home with rich, bold fragrance.

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Spoiled Rotten Signature Series Collection

For over 15 years, our exclusive Spoiled Rotten Signature Series Collection has been a customer favorite. A perfect reminder of your favorite place, it's also a unique gift for family and friends.

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Root Candles Legacy Collection

Since 1869, Root Candles has been crafting America's Best Candles, using a natural beeswax blend and essential oil fragrances.

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Seeking Balance by Root Candles

The power of color and fragrance in one holistic candle collection, for a greater sense of health and well-being. Joining the health and well-being trend, Root Candles’ Seeking Balance® line combines the science of aromatherapy with color therapy, allowing the stresses of your day to fade away.

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