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Mini Premium Crackers - 2 Boxes (for Cracker Smack)

Please note: Each package of Spoiled Rotten Cracker Smack uses 2 boxes of Nabisco Mini Premium Crackers

Premium Original Mini Saltine Crackers pack all the flavor of the original into cute little squares for a delicious snack. Made with wheat just like the original, these mini saltines delight with a crispy texture and light, versatile flavor that pairs well with your favorite foods. They contain zero saturated fat. The bite-sized pieces make these mini crackers a great addition to your soups and chowders for extra crunch and texture. You can also enjoy these Kosher soda crackers straight from the box as a quick snack. Sealed packaging keeps them crunchy and fresh until you eat them.

  • Two 11 oz boxes of Premium Original Mini Saltine Crackers
  • Classic saltine flavor with sea salt on top for a light, versatile taste
  • Bite-sized square sea salt crackers for snacking
  • Light, crispy texture just like the original
  • Enjoy as a snack with or without toppings
  • Sprinkle in your soup or stew for a delicious crunch
  • Kosher soup crackers contain zero saturated fat