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Heartbreaker Figurine by Lori Mitchell

In the bustling world of the gym, Heartbreaker stood tall and proud, a muscle-bound figure with a look that could make hearts skip a beat. With his bulging biceps and chiseled physique, he seemed like the epitome of strength and toughness. But beneath that tough exterior, there beat a heart that longed for love.

Heartbreaker was a muscle man in training, determined to become the ultimate heartbreaker, but not in the traditional sense. He aspired to win hearts through kindness, compassion, and a touch of humor. His red-striped singlet showcased his commitment to love, proudly displaying a heart that symbolized his affectionate nature.

About Lori Mitchell Figurines

Lori Mitchell figurines put a unique twist on fairytale and nursery rhyme characters.  Magical child-like characters with whimsical expressions, signature crazy socks, skinny legs, and rosy cheeks.

Inspired by folk art and three dimensional sculpting, Lori creates pieces that will take you back to the magical years of childhood.

About the Artist

Lori Mitchell's resin figurines have delighted and inspired collectors for over two decades! With their whimsical designs and nostalgic faces, these pieces are perfect for every mantle, holiday display, and definitely make exceptional gifts!

Lori Mitchell ™ was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Lori finds inspiration in old illustrations, children’s tales and anything whimsical. In 1998, she discovered folk art, and fell in love with the charm and nostalgia that this field embraces. Lori creates pieces that take people back to the magical years of childhood. In designing, Lori starts off with an idea, but as she sculpts, the characters begin to define their own personality. Lori is known for her exaggerated proportions and expressions…and every piece must have crazy socks!